Things not to miss – be in the moment

In our hurried schedules and rushing lifestyle, what are we missing?  One of the life lessons that has come to me recently is “being in the moment.”  Short of an emergency, I have the time to slow down when the opportunity presents itself to experience, truly experience something wonderful in a given moment.  There are times when multitasking is good and necessary.  For those other times let me encourage you to take a deep breath and look around.  Are you missing something?  Are you sacrificing the experience of life on the altar of productivity?

Recently I was hustling around running errands trying to squeeze in the opportunity to drop off dry cleaning into a packed schedule when a family of geese decided to cross the street.  They took their time with no regard for the long line of cars filled with professionals headed to the nearby office buildings.  It struck me that they really didn’t care about my schedule or any of the others.  The young geese have fluffy down coats and followed mom.  Her only concern was the safety of the young. 

As I slowed down to a stop and watch, a smile came to me.  The simplicity of their lives, the peacefulness of their way – reminded me to pay attention and take in the moment.

Yesterday on my way to work I saw a couple riding a bicycle built for two.  It was totally out of place crossing traffic at rush hour.  The site rattled my thoughts away from my “to do” list and onto something refreshing.

What have you seen lately that makes you stop and think?  Let me encourage you to not to miss what is going around you.  Is there something that is extra-ordinary, that gives you a smile or breaks your mundane thoughts and stresses of life?

All the best,


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