Shout to the world and make a difference…

For the past couple of days there has been a dog on the beach.  A beautiful Labrador type dog would just stand on the edge of the surf and bark at the ocean. There were no boats or swimmers for him to bark at, he was just barking.  It made me wonder, what was that dog thinking?  What was he trying to say?

If you stand on the edge of the ocean and scream some great message that will change the world, the sound of the waves breaking may drowned you out. 

If you stand on the edge of the ocean and throw a rock you have started a ripple that will last until some force stops it.  Ripples work alone.

If I go into the ocean then I can carry my message to others.  There will be times when the waves try to knock me down but if you go with me and hold my hand, then we can strengthen each other against the waves.

IF is a big word that carries a lot of weight.  It’s the difference between thinking about doing something that will make a difference and actually DOING it.

Be careful, you could IF your way through life and get to the end having never experienced the strength something as big as or bigger than the ocean has to offer.  If you have something to tell the ocean or those who live on its edges, carry your message to anyone who will listen and invite them to join you in your journey to making a difference.

Think about it,


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