Our house – Our home

I love my house.  No, I love my home.  The most special thing about it is that for the past 12 years it has sheltered me, my dog and for the last 9 years, my son from the world.  We live in a little cape cod in an older neighborhood.  There are big trees and sidewalks along our street.  Our home has been a place I’ve escaped to during some of life’s greatest sadness and it has been the place of some of my greatest joys.  My son took his first steps in the front yard.  The swing set/club house that was in the back yard provided the setting for hours and hours of pretend adventures for my son.  My father built the deck out back and there have been hundreds of hours of laughter and fun with friends and family out there.  The deck is also a place that I laid under the stars and prayed for God’s direction.

But I love my husband and son more.  You see just over a year ago, I married a man who I am sure was at the head of his class in Prince Charming U.  Actually, he is so much more than romantic; he is a faithful man who cherishes me like a husband should.  He loves my son and is a mentor to him.  With this marriage we have quickly realized that the little cape cod is just a little too little for our family.  So, it’s time to put it on the market.  We did so a couple of months ago.  While I will miss this home, I pray that it will bring the next owners the same sanctuary it brought us.

Yesterday, we spent the day getting ready for today’s showing.  I was blessed to have been in every part of my house.  With my IPOD on and singing obnoxiously, I danced and dusted experienced the joy of my little home – the bright colors, the wood floors.  I chased dust bunnies out and opened the windows to let fresh air in.  The entire time enjoying my home and thinking about those who will come next.

Moving will be very emotional for me no matter how excited I am about a new home.  I have great security in these walls and under this roof.  God has blessed me richly here and I have no doubt that He has plan for our new home.

When I think about days that have joy, yesterday was one of them;  just experiencing our little home for all it is – 1,000 square feet of home with a million square feet of heart.

All the best,


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