Something’s in the wind

This morning it was warm, unseasonably warm and the wind was blowing.  It came in gusts of nearly 65 miles an hour.  And the temperature began to drop.   The wind was so strong you could almost see the air itself moving.  The skies were gray and cloudy, a storm was brewing.  The wind was transporting something – something was in this wind; more than just the storm to follow.

The winds of change blew through our community today.  It was if the hand of God was moving through; pushing summer to our past and escorting autumn in.  The clouds rolled in as if to curtain the sky while He realigned the stars for our new season.  The rain moved in dousing the thirsty earth and cleansing the air.

The day ended with the red sky busting through the clouds leading the way for a rainbow to complete God’s message to us today.  Yes, His mighty hand moved today in nature and it was awesome to experience.  But my question to you is did He move in your heart?

Something was in the wind today, and it was more than the beginning of autumn.  Did you feel it?

All the best,


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