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I’ve always had “voices in my head.” Not in the manner that needs professional help. It’s been my view of the world around me; looking at a scene in front of me and asking “what if?” Or “what are their stories?”

My career has used story-telling in marketing, public relations, event planning, and even now in project management. But my heart could never shake wanting to tell a story that would carry someone away, encourage someone in their own life journey, or just meet the reader where they are and give them something else to think about.

Curtains for Maggie is my first novel that tells the story of Maggie Nelson. She has lost her identity. But not to online hackers. Like many women, she has lost her identity to her role as wife and mother. She’s lost it to the relationships she holds so dearly. This is her journey to rediscovering who she is as a bright, organized, and dynamic woman.

Click here for a one-pager on Curtains for Maggie.

Concept for books 2 & 3

Title:  Designs for Nora

Five years after losing her husband and soul mate, Nora St. Clare is finally coming out of the shadow of mourning. With her career as an interior designer going well, she takes the next step to a life after Seth, dating. But as she and Jim Preston, the University Park Community Theater executive director, are in the “getting to know you stage,” she gets a phone call that has her heart running for cover again. Her sister, Elizabeth Butler, is killed in a car wreck leaving her 13-year-old niece, Ava, with her unemployed deadbeat ex-brother-in-law, Jordan. Having never raised a child, but feeling compelled to do the right thing, Nora battles for custody of her niece. This adds a new twist to her relationship with Jim, who never wanted children.

Title:  Jen’s Fit for Anything

Even the best marriages and the most supportive spouses have their limits. It’s obvious Jen Stephens’ healthy living classes are a major contributor to the growing membership. Kevin, the general manager, and the investors are pleased. But when Jen receives a phone call that her father has suffered a stroke, it appears a door to a new career may be opening. Mark doesn’t support her exploring a career change that would have her traveling for weeks at a time. In the process of going to rehab with her dad, looking into going back to school, and keeping up with her son’s schedule, the conflict with Mark grows. In the heat of their most recent fight, he walks out and turns off his phone. For the first time in their marriage, Jen is faced with Mark mad enough to not want to be reached, and not wanting to support her in something she wants to do.

More about Karen H. Richardson

I believe in being productive every day and living in such a way to make a difference. This belief is a fruit of my ever-growing faith in God.

I bring over 25 years of professional communications, marketing, and PR to my writing. Recently, I earned her certified project manager designation.

I am a past member of the Louisville Christian Writers group and a current member of ACFW where I serve as president of the ACFW Louisville chapter. Other professional organizations include Project Management Institute and Leadership Louisville.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, pickleball, and being with her husband and son. I am a member of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BA in journalism.

Contact Karen

Phone: 502.296.7634


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