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Hi.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m KK and this is my blog.  My purpose is two-fold.  First, to give me a place to write khrichardsonand receive comments from others.  Secondly, to encourage others.  Encouragement comes in different forms. Sometimes it’s cheering someone on, and others it can be telling the truth in love. Sometimes encouragement is hard to take, because we aren’t in the mood.  We are stuck and want to stay stuck.  I believe that while we all have those seasons in our lives, they shouldn’t last long before we get up and keep moving. Feel free to comment — even if we don’t agree, I want to hear from you.

I have a wonderful son, Cole who is studying to be a music educator, and I was blessed to marry Jay on July 12, 2008.  He is a wonderful husband and step-father. KK is a nickname my nephews and nieces gave me many years ago.  It was easy for them to say.  Most of them are grown now, but I am still their Aunt KK.

Really, my name is Karen.  I have a 20 plus-year career in Communications, Marketing and Public Relations. My degree is from Western Kentucky University. I love to put words on paper (or on a screen) to share a story, thought or inspiration. My first novel, Curtains for Maggie is still looking for a publishing home, and I’ve just started drafting Designs on Nora. Check out my author site,

My day-to-day job is IT Project Manager; a career shift I made in 2020. As a life-long learner, last year I studied and passed the Project Management Professional exam. My next step will be to certify in scaled agile (SA).

Thanks for stopping by.  Oh, and before you go, click on the Follow button to the right.

All the best,

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2 thoughts on “Meet KK

  1. Hi Kk
    Nice to read your words here. I’m Els from Holland and really interested in your opinion and how you see things
    Hope for more to read
    Greetings Els



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