Some people would say that “Reality sucks”.  Well, it may sometimes.  But in all times we can find encouragement and opportunity in the reality we find ourselves in.  Like the seasons of the earth, our lives will take different turns some a little sharper than others, but all are moving us forward.  The difference we feel is how we follow the turns and accept the bumps in the road.  Join me for the ride.

All the best,

Sometimes we are just plain selfish –

Get out of yourself.  We guard our precious “down time” to the point of closing ourselves off to the rest of the world.  What if you didn’t have any down time for a solid week because every time you had for being still, someone in need called?

We are called to serve others tirelessly.  Sometimes that means it will be inconvenient and tiresome.  Part of living sacrificial lives is actually sacrificing.

Yes, family time is very important and needs to be made a priority.  But what lesson are we teaching our children if we aren’t teaching them to serve with its not convenient.  How valuable would our family time be if we used it to serve others?

It’s too easy to be selfish and self-centered.  Get out of your self and make your self available to serve.  You will be amazed at what God brings your way.

Think about it,

1 thought on “Reality

  1. Good thoughts, KK. Your comment, that one can’t live sacrificially without sacrifice, reminds me of a comment of my man. It’s a painful truth: there’s no humility without humiliation. Ouch!



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