Today’s post speaks to moms about what you do just for you.  It’s too easy as moms and as wives to lose ourselves in roles.  My eyes were opened to this revelation after I was divorced and had a small child.  I found myself soul searching for how I was going to rebuild my life.  Almost as if a light switch went on, I began to think about all the things that I loved to do before having a child and before my marriage became a struggle.  Please don’t misunderstand, raising Cole was and is my priority, but how much better can I teach him about what life offers then to share with him and show him that I have interests of my own.  So while he teaches me about baseball, I can take him to the theatre, help him write a story or find a good book to read.  Maybe he will get to know me as a person.  And when he’s not around either now when he’s with his dad or when he is older, I will still have these things in my life that I enjoy.

My interests are also part of what makes me me.  So while I will be glad to talk to you about my son or my wonderful husband, you and I can also talk about a good book or what movies are playing.  Jay is very supportive of my interests as well.  He knows that they are part of what gives me balance in my life.

Ladies, we do carry a lot, but at the end of the season of raising kids or even when we retire, let’s not look in the mirror and not recognize ourselves.  Close your eyes and remember something you enjoy — is pottery, gardening, reading, sewing (for fun not for lost buttons) or even dancing.  Now that you remember it, go do it!

All the best,

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