Joshua did it and we can too…

The water of the Jordan was at flood stage.  Not being a very wide river, at flood stage it raged.  The leaders, the priests who were carrying the ark, the sacred ark. were told to go to the waters edge and then take one more step.  That step of faith that was not made out of being rational, but out of their faith in God to protect or teach.  In this situation, God taught the Iseralites about His mighty strength.  His strength to stop the flood waters to make a way for His people to pass.

The priests were told to go and stand in the water, so it was more than one step, it was several.  I wonder what the priests on the front of the ark thought when they took the very first steps into the raging waters.  Did the waters slow to allow them to keep their footing?  Or did God allow them to feel a little unstable at first and then as the water was held back they stabled themselves?  Did the two guys in the back think as they followed?

What would you have done?  Would your palms have been sweaty?  Could you feel the ark slip a little?  Feel the cool water as you first step in, steady, ok, still standing…

We have the waters of challenge every day.  Sometimes they are at flood stage and stay awhile only to crest just below our chin.  It’s the Lord who carries us through those floods.  While it may not feel like it, it is God who holds the water just enough so as to protect us through the flood.

There are those who have gone before us and are on the other side of whatever flood stage river you are trying to cross right now.  Are you on the waters edge and afraid to take the next step toward the promise, the life, the blessing God has for you?  With every step God is there to teach, to hold and to love you.  Yes, you will feel the waters try to knock you down.  Yes, you will feel the slippery steps.  But the steps of faith, the steps toward God while may seem shaky are still steps toward the God who voiced those waters into being.

That’s what I’m counting on.  Not the flooded river, or the slimy rocks, or my ability to navigate across, lead me dear God.

Be encouraged today that while God can do anything, we can do something – a single step of faith into the waters of the world.

All the best,


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