Hand-crafted with You in Mind

Does summer seem to be flying by for you?  I can’t decide if summer is a faster or slower pace than the school year.  Maybe that is because it’s just different.  Breaking out of our routine can make for some refreshing sites and experiences.  Sometimes that’s when God catches our attention.  During the school year we drive the same route to school, work and home.  But in the summer our schedule changes and the kids are at camp or doing other activities and we find ourselves on a road we wouldn’t ordinarily be on at sun set.  We look up and God has hand painted a vision that makes us think of Him, the artist that hand-crafted every detail.  He knew you would be on that road at that moment and He was hoping you would look up.

When this happens to me, I am convicted and wonder how many times that day He tried to get my attention and I ignored him.  Where have you seen God lately?  Has He tried to get your attention?  Were you too busy to notice?  Look around, I think He’s waiting for you; maybe in the most unsuspecting place.

Keep me posted.

All the best,


1 thought on “Hand-crafted with You in Mind

  1. It always makes me sad to think about how much God desires our fellowship and how little of it we really offer him. I know I need to be reminded of this daily in order to keep my attention where it needs to be. Good segment.



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