Monday Mania: How tight is your God’s leash?

Do you keep God on a leash?  A leash gives your pet just so much room and no more.  Are you treating God like a pet; a companion for the moments you deem he is needed or wanted?

Recently, I have been guilty of keeping God on a leash.  It wasn’t a short leash; but a leash all the same.  Every morning, I spoke to God, inviting Him to come with me.   Come with me, not lead me, not take control, and just come with me.  The leash I put God on was one of inviting Him to take so much lead with me and no more.  God doesn’t belong on any leash.  He is the God of the Universe, creator, healer, and savor and when we believe as such and call upon His name He is available for far more than just coming along with us.  His power is available to us for the asking.

God is too big and too complex to only go so far with us and no further.  Cut Him loose and be ready for blessings beyond what you can imagine.  He is available for far more than riding “shotgun” with us throughout our day.  Call on Him to be your leader, to give you the right words in challenging moments or to give you the self control to not say anything.  He is all powerful and we’re talking to Him about little things.  While those are important to, why not ask for the big things; the healing, the blessing, the forgiveness.  He cares about both.  Nothing is impossible for God.

Let me encourage you to give Him a try.  Call on God’s name and all the power that goes with it to hear your prayers.  Then be still and listen. His answer may come as the roar of thunder or in the whisper of a gentle breeze.    We need to be ready to experience the amazing hand of the creator as He reaches around and pulls us closer to Him. 

What do you think?

All the best,

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