The darkest part of the winter

Recently my brother inspired me with a thought – the darkest part of the winter is when the light of the world was born.  That will make you think.  It’s Christmas week.  I’ve pondered and prayed on what I would share with you this season.

The darkest part of the winter – winter can be this icy cold season we are in now.  The life nature usually shares is dormant and ice covered.  Or maybe your dark winter is a lonely cold season of life you are in.  Darkness and cold can be scary.

Just when we are tired of the short days, slowly they begin to get longer.  Light comes and stays a little longer.  The season progresses along and hearts thaw to warmth of light.  But to take in the light and warmth we have to face it and accept it.

On a very dark night, some Shepherds were just doing their job watching their flock.  It was late, the darkest part of the night; perhaps right before the sun came up.  Instead of the sun, an angel and a sky full of heavenly hosts appeared to them.  Wow, can you imagine, they must have all thought they were hallucinating!!  Each may have looked to the other to be sure he wasn’t the only one seeing this.  The first thing the angel said to them was “do not be afraid.”  Too late, but thanks for the offer. (Read the full text in your Bible, Luke 2:1-20).

If the shepherds had been so afraid that they ran away, they would have never heard the rest of the message God was sending.  Sometimes we get lost in the darkest part of our winter, and when the light comes, we are afraid and hide from it.  We need to know darkness so that we may know the light.

In your dark winter moments, I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to listen for God, invite Him to join you.  But I have to warn you, when the Light of Life comes, be ready for the darkness to leave.  Just like the day light staying a little longer in the second half of winter, each day that we seek God, He and His word stay a little longer.

All the best,



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