It’s Friday, today is not where we find hope, Sunday’s coming

Good Friday.  For the believer this represents the day our savior was brutally murdered; but he let it happen willingly.  No doubt his human side and his Godly side did battle all day. He could have stopped the scourging.  He could have destroyed those who thought they were destroying him.  But he didn’t.  As mean and painful as it got, he stuck to the plan.  The plan that he knew from the beginning of creation would come to this day, these hours of complete distress.  His Father had prepared him as much as possible.  Just as he tries to prepare us for the storms.  But we don’t listen always the way Jesus did.  In the midst of every human friend turning on him — the emotional pain; in the midst of being spit on and fists waved — the humiliation; in the midst of having is Father turning from him — the spiritual loneliness; our Jesus still fulfilled his purpose, he willingly gave up his life as the ultimate sacrifice. The world thought they won, but they didn’t remember, that Sunday was comin’…

Watch this: (Don Buck P Creacy)

Every time we find ourselves feeling lonely, betrayed, and hopeless, remember, Sunday is coming, again.

Blessings to you,



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