So, how did you do?

easter eggsMy post Snow Day Project challenged us to have some items marked off our snow day project list by Easter. So, how did you do? Admittedly, we hosted 20 of our family members on Easter. Hosting any gathering is a huge motivator to me to get some serious cleaning done.

I marked a few things off my list in addition to the standard dusting (including corners and ceiling fans), vacuuming and mopping to get ready for the family.

1. Downstairs closet cleaned out and the seven phone books recycled (have no idea why I had seven phone books collected over the last five years).

2. Christmas china stored in new storage containers.

3. Woodwork downstairs and in upstairs hall washed.

4. General organizing of shelves and stuff that has been homeless for several months.

So, what’s next? I’m thinking my garden needs a visit from me. The spring flowers are looking great, but it’s time to do some mulching and weeding. And I may make a stop in my garage. Getting ready for a yard sale in June. My target deadline is Memorial day.

How about you?



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