Buying School Supplies

school suppliesMy name is KK and like many of you, I love buying school supplies. There I’ve said it.

Back to school is all about bleeding the funds for lunches, uniforms, after school care and yes, school supplies. Oh, the smell of pencils and crayons! They send the brain into learning mode. Scientists should study the brain’s response to these aromas. Doesn’t buying new notebooks and pens make you want to go take a class and expand your mind? True confession — I wandered the school supply aisle just doting over the clean canvases of lined paper, the sum of all potential learning and creativity. Yes, I purchased the items in this photo — but they were on sale and I will use the paper and well, the crayons smelled so good.

And then I got to take my son with me to float along the world of highlighters, markers, and one of my favorites — organizers! Ok, so he just wanted to fill the list from school.

Join me in this time of going broke but loving the adventure a new notebook and fresh ink can take us on.



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