Happy Thanksgiving. This morning was pretty melancholy as I cried through the first hour of the Macy’s Day Parade. I love that parade and always have. Today it reminded me of two very special people we lost this year, my mother-in-law, Annette Richardson, and my dad, Cliff Hensley.

annetteEarly in my marriage, Annette (who grew up dancing), and I went to see the Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes. She liked to tell the story of a friend of hers who auditioned and danced with them. Dad always watched the parade and there dad fishingwere many phone calls through the years while it was on talking about this performer, or that band.

Today I’m also thinking about Melissa Webb’s boys who said farewell to their mom a few days ago, and Jackie Snyder’s family who is coming up on the one year mark of her passing. Jackie would be glad to know that by the time my family comes to dinner my home will be “first floor ready.” I loved her gift of hospitality.

Yes, this year has been full of loss. There is a battle in my spirit waiting for the other shoe to drop, and my current reality that I do have SO much to be thankful for. The tears are just part of getting through the cycle of grief.

I am thankful for a loving husband who loves us like Christ loved the Church and who works hard for us. And my son who has a kind heart and has worked hard in his first semester of college(#wku2022). I am thankful for my job at NCFL, and the opportunity to tell the story of many individuals who have overcome great obstacles for themselves and their families. But my over-arching point of thankfulness is for my faith without which I wouldn’t have the hope to hang in there through the storm, the capacity to love, and the drive to work.

I started a new breakfast tradition this morning making a homemade giant cinnamon yum 3and apple roll. As you can see, it was a success. Football is on and I’m hydrating for the salt-fest that is a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

Thank you for sharing in my tearful moments this year. Please join me in moving forward focused on the blessings we all share.



1 thought on “Thankfulness

  1. I tried several times to sit down and watch the beginning of the parade today(I recorded it). I just could not do it. It is not the same without Annette around to discuss the dance moves, beautiful voices and overall performance. She and I always dreamed of going to New York someday to watch the parade. Of course we would have to have an indoor viewing spot, because it is always so cold there.

    I’ll try again next year to watch it, when my heart isn’t so raw. Maybe I’ll call you next year and we can become parade buddies! 💛❤️💛❤️



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