Christmas is over

And with that, Christmas is over. It’s back in the box (or boxes) and stored. For some, their semi-annual church-going box has been checked. For others who find Christmas a profound holiday that recognizes an event that changed the course of human history (for the believer and for the non-believer), packing the storage boxes leaves a feeling of conviction to keep the spirit alive. To now think in terms of how not just at his birth did Jesus’ life change the world, but every day he walked this earth. Every encounter he had (with those seeking and those who felt threatened by him) made an impact.

Moving forward in 2020, how can we do the same? How can we give a little of ourselves to those we come in contact with? I have some ideas, but really it’s a question for you to ponder and answer in your own heart.

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1 thought on “Christmas is over

  1. I’m going to practice making eye contact with as many people I come in contact with. Hope that maybe one of the people I cross paths with needed some affirmation that they are valued. Christ values us all and I want to demonstrate that in my daily life. Gail



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