Like many, we haven’t traveled on vacation for several years. This year has had lots of ups and downs. The downtimes left me only wanting a change of scenery. But when it came to the details and planning, we decided to keep it simple and stay home. A #staycation. We chose a Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday around our wedding anniversary. With the weekend, we had six days.

Much like a vacation, it took me about a day to really get into vacation mode. Alarms for getting up were turned off. We decided that we wouldn’t cook much, had several of our meals out, spent our days hanging around the pool, and not overplanning every day. We did play pickleball one day, went to a community theater production of Sound of Music, and enjoyed a hymn-sing at our church. As easy as it would have been to fill our time with projects around the house, we only chose a couple and moved them forward. On the day it rained, we ran errands and took care of a couple things.

Our days were comfortable and easy. We spent time in the pool, reading, talking, and laughing. At the end of our days, we climbed out of our saline pool, lotioned up from a solid dose of sunshine, enjoyed a good dinner, and then headed back home to curl up together. It was a delightful time. One I will cherish.

Unlike leaving for #vacation and coming home, there was no packing and no unpacking, and then repacking to come home, we just unplugged and shifted gears. Our change of pace and schedules thoroughly confused our dog, Eli. He didn’t know what to do with himself.

It was a great vacation, even if we didn’t go anywhere.

All the best,


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