I want credit, don’t you?

Like many others, I began a #diet journey in #January. I committed to using the Weight Watchers app. The wonderful part of the app is that when I exercise, it gives me additional points for the week. I’m getting #credit for my good choices. But when my son is headed to Graeter’s Ice Cream parlor and asks if I want something, and I say “No, thank you,” I want credit for it! By the way the “no, thank you” comes after a three-minute internal argument and justification with myself. “Well if I use my points this way, or I only get the mini cone, I’m only using this many points.” The struggle is real.

Then there are the times when I’m home alone. I’m working upstairs as far from the pantry as possible and still be inside the house, and the Oreos call out. “My precious, creamy cookie…” Or I open the pantry for a healthy snack like granola or nuts, and there they are eye-level. I want credit for not snagging the package and scurrying up to my office to devour them.

But I don’t. Most of the time. In full disclosure, I did scan the package and found out I could have two #cookies for five points. I get 23 points in a day and another 21 points to use over the course of a week. Ok, so I’m getting to the end of the week, I’ve already done my weigh-in, so why not enjoy two Oreo cookies?

Could you eat just two? It’s a slippery slope. Self-discipline has to be rock solid. There’s another opportunity for me to get credit — when I only eat two cookies AND when I do have the third one, I don’t lie when I report it on the app.

What are your thoughts on the matter of credit and #fairness when no one is looking? Kinda makes you think about the true character of an individual. But that’s a post for another day.

All the best,


BTW — I weighed in this morning, down 10 pounds!!

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1 thought on “I want credit, don’t you?

  1. 10 Pounds! Congrats. I am of the opinion that the only things you do that really matter are the ones no one sees. That’s where the cloak comes off.



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