Fear Not

There are those who say that fear is a lack of faith.  Maybe.  Sometimes when we get a fearful feeling its an instinctive reaction to our surroundings.  This is good and we should try to follow that instinct with caution.  Living day-to-day with a fear-based mindset can hinder fearproductivity, personal achievement, rob our joy, and even relationships.

Making a decision to face a fear can be a decision of risk and reward.  When a child won’t jump into a pool into his parent’s arms, the fear of the unknown can keep him from the fun of the jump and playing in the water. So, ask the child, what is the worst thing that could happen? Most kids will say their head will go under or “I don’t know”. In that example, the risk is low (as long as the parent is paying attention) and the reward is high.

As we grow up our ability to decide risk/reward is often tainted by immaturity.  Things like going out the night before exams etc.

Adults sometimes fear change because of all they are responsible for.  The risk can be higher and the rewards can be measured on a variety of levels. However, whether facing the fear delivers the success or a failure, there is something to be learned.  There is an opportunity to re-think the direction and even the fearful behavior.

What are you most fearful of? Public speaking? Death? Failure?

Just something to think about?