Don’t overlook May

It is easy to have such planned lives that we miss the hours or days that are in the present. I found myself guilty of this today when I asked my son if he wanted to go to a Louisville Bats game with us on June 3. June 3rd! It’s still April. What about May?

There are a lot of important things happening in May. There’s Derby Day for those of us here in #Kentucky and of course #MothersDay. Can’t let that slip away. Besides the holiday, it’s important to embrace each day. Live in the present. What special something, unusual encounter, or unplanned blessing will be missed if we’re busy looking forward to something else? One thing I like to do is sit out on our porch. Just sit. No phone or device of any kind. Be still. Within a few minutes, I notice something in the yard, a rabbit, or birds playing in the bird bath. Those few minutes change my spirit. They have an impact on the rest of the day.

I’ve probably written about this attitude before, but overlooking the “now” for the “coming soon” hit hard today. While I’m looking forward to June — a night at the baseball field, my book release, a family gathering, and vacation — I’m also thankful for completing a normal week of work, and a quiet Friday night at home with my husband.

What about you? Did any unexpected #blessings catch you while you were planning something else?

All the best,


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