An Invitation to talk manners

Over the years, I have planned birthday parties, work events and community-wide galas, and it never fails that RSVP’s are late to come in or non-existent.  It’s easy to get busy and fail to RSVP, but in this day of email, text messaging, voicemail, instant messaging and even wall to wall on facebook, there really is little reason to not send a host a yes or no in a timely manner.

From a planning perspective, knowing how many guests are coming helps when ordering food, center pieces or the all important goodie bags.  Party planning is fun and it gets very exciting when guests call and say they are planning to attend.  I am all about the more the merrier.

So, why don’t people commit to attend parties they are invited to?  Are they waiting to see if something better comes along?  Are they waiting to see if other “fun” people are planning to attend?

Even if you RSVP “no” and change your mind or your schedule clears you can call the host back.  A gracious host will be glad to hear you can come. 

 Give me your thoughts.

All the best,


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