Do you remember being little and twirling about? Or in your teens singing your favorite love song (into the hairbrush, on your bed or in front of the mirror) thinking of the ONE boy you were madly in love with? Maybe you can’t carry a tune and have two left feet, but singing and dancing are so good for us that they should not be ignored.animated-snoopy-image-0028

Dancing boosts memory, improves flexibility, reduces stress and depression, improves balance and makes your heart happy.

Singing has been said to strengthen your immune system, improves your posture, your sleep and reduces stress.

I know what you’re thinking all that singing and dancing around will make your family think you’ve gone nuts. Maybe it’s time to surprise your family. Sashay across the kitchen or twirl your way to the dinner table. Or maybe you just dance when no one is watching. And sing as loud as you as can when you are alone at home or in your car. Who cares what the grump in the car next to you thinks. It’s fun and frees the spirit.

We all have a happy dance inside somewhere. It’s time to let it out.












Really, a hammer?

Road rage isn’t something I’ve struggled with. Sure there are times when I’m running behind and I get frustrated in traffic, but never angry. Usually, if I’m running behind it’s my own fault. But that’s not the issue at hand, we’ll talk timeliness another time. For my new full-time job, I commute to downtown Louisville.


On a good day, it takes me about 30 minutes. With the beginning of the school year, it seems everyone has returned from vacation and is back in their routine, driving to work downtown at the same time I do. The clogged highway has slowed me down in the morning. The other day I noticed as I crept along that I wasn’t angry but a little anxious. Not a normal emotion for me. So I turned on my “sing along” playlist.

This is the playlist of all the songs I love to sing along with. And when I’m alone, I like to sing very loud. In doing so, I no longer felt anxious and I gave my lungs a little workout. Walking into the office, I had a song in my heart and wasn’t all stressed from the ride in.

I may have found a cure for all those angry, crazed drivers. Sing! Here’s what’s great, no one can hear you, sing loud. Go ahead and flashback to those stand-on-your-bed with the hairbrush microphone moments. The escape will de-stress and change your spirit for the day.



What if could hear other people’s thoughts? Do you ever wonder when you’re standing in line behind a stranger, what are they thinking? Or if you notice someone noticing you, do you wonder what opinion they are forming?

In the 2000 romantic comedy, What Women Want, ladies man, Nick, through an electrical shock is given the ability to hear women’s thoughts; to peek behind the curtain into the psyche of the female mind. After being just a little freaked out about it, it’s explained to him to be a gift. But, would it really be a gift to hear other’s thoughts?

There are many women reading this right now thinking, yes! I would love to hear my husband’s thoughts and really know what goes on inside his brain. I get that. But we don’t. How many times have you thought something and then the discernment filter comes out added to a little wisdom and you don’t express the thought? How many arguments were avoided or hurt feelings preserved? On the other hand, do we miss opportunities to encourage and support?

The ability to hear others’ thoughts would be cheating ourselves of the journey to getting to know each other. Relationships are grown over time. We slowly reveal our selves to others as trust is built and our connection grows. It a melding of souls. For those we interact with who will remain strangers or acquaintances, let me encourage you to take notice and take the opportunity to share an encouraging word or thought. You never know, it may change the direction of their thoughts.



Do our steps count if we aren’t wearing our pedometer or Fitbit device? At first we were sold on counting our steps, trying to get 10,000 each day. That’s a little over four and half miles. We clipped pedometers to our shoes or belts and took off. Corporations added pedometers and step tracking to their health incentives for employees. That’s kinda fun to have the camaraderie of your co-workers to help achieve the goal.

Then the devices or apps on our phones began to track heart rate, pulse and even blood pressure. Again, not bad to do, but are we becoming over sensitized to every uneven beat of our hearts and every elevated moment of our pulse? Our bodies were fearfully and wonderfully created. In the course of a day our physiological systems are constantly adjusting to its environment. We eat and it begins to metabolize the nutrients and throw off the waste. We get hot and our bodies sweat. We walk outside and our eyes adjust to the sun.


young fitness woman hiker legs at forest trail

The tracking devices have made us more aware of getting up and moving more often. I am guilty of sitting for too long a period of time during the day. I can sit down to work and get so caught up that I don’t get up for several hours. So there is certainly a place for prompting us to live healthier lives.

What happens when we forget to wear our device or turn on the app? All of a sudden all these steps aren’t measured. Do they still count? Did the tree fall and not make a sound? Once again we are getting sucked into a gadget (for better or worse) being our measurement of success. Do you remember the days when runners would go run then come home and drive the course in their cars to see how far they had gone?

Our success with our health goals happens whether we measure it or not. Our success comes from just getting up and doing it. After having worn a Fitbit for almost two years, I can guess within ten percent how many steps I’ve taken in a day (or not taken). When it recently broke, it took me a couple of days to figure out I was still walking, taking steps. They still counted. My evening walks still relaxed me. What I miss are the little bursts of color when I’m active for over 30 minutes. Or the buzz vibration it made when I hit 10,000 steps. That was fun.

Maybe I can come up with my own little burst of celebration after my walk or workout. So if you see me fist-bump myself or do a little touchdown jig, you’ll know I’m on the move.



Are chips merely a delivery vehicle for us not looking crazy eating dip? I’m a dip eater. Love the stuff. I’m never sure though if the only reason I’m eating the chip, bread or vegetable is so I can eat the dip. What if we ate dip like soup? Okay, now that I’ve spelled out that thought it sounds gross. But really, most dip eaters if honest about their feelings will tell you that they love the dip more than the item they have to eat it on. By themselves, chips, bread, fruit or 21769597-tortilla-chips-and-dips-stock-photovegetables can be tasty, but add that spicy, salty, sweet goodness of a dip and it becomes a whole new experience.

These are the weird things that come to mind sometimes. But it’s September. We are about 60 days from the beginning of holidays and the plethora of dips that come our way. Are you ready for them? Are you ready for the myriad delivery systems — salty, fruity, bread-like items?

Happy dipping,


Eli is our family dog. Recently, I took him to Pet Smart to buy a new toy. The following is our adventure as seen through his eyes. Do you have a pet that has such a big personality you just wish they could talk to you?

Momma said it, “Bye-bye.” Yep I’m game let’s go. She is taking so long, how many dog years is it going to take to get in that thing that takes us places? Oh no, what if we’re going to that smelly place with the mean humans who spray water at me and put that slippery stuff on. I’ll scratch at the window so momma will open it.

Woah, that’s a lot of smells. Focus. Sniff, Focus. Ok, so we’re going toward that place we take the boy sometimes and leave him. Good, not the water place. And not camp where they leave me for what seems like more than a dog week. Wait a minute, now we’re going another direction we don’t go often. I smell other dogs. I’ll poke my head up front and nudge mom’s arm. She’ll tell me.

She said my other favorite word, TREAT. My tail is going to wag off momma, YES, YES.

She stopped, wait a minute, she leaving me in here. Mom! Let me out. Oh, here she is. I get to go with her. Let’s go! I can smell a lot of friends around. We’re going through these big moving things.

It’s going to wear my nose out. What are these? What are those? Treats? Toys? She stopping. That’s fine I can sniff this stuff here.

OOOh, she has something bouncy it goes up and down, smells good. OK! Let’s take it home!

There’s another human we have to stop and talk to. Let’s see what’s up here. I smell them, TREATS! Can I have one? I’m showing my cute puppy dog face. Oh, wait a minute, I’ll sit, that always works. Waiting, waiting. Scratch, sit, waiting.

Yes, it worked — a yummy treat for ME.

Looks like we’re going home. Can I have my toy now? Oh bummer, she’s telling me to sit in the seat. But my toy is next to momma.

Being patient, I’ll sniff out the window. Better check, is my toy still next to momma? Scratch at the window so she’ll put it down. FEEL THE BREEZE! SMELL THE NEIGHBORHOOD! I’VE GOT A NEW TOY!

Ok, we’re home, can I have my toy now? UGGH, she’s taking this stuff off my neck and nose. Then I see it. It’s in her hand, she’s going to throw it… Yes, I have my new toy! Wag my tail to say thank you.

All the best,





coolersOnce a week I have to go by the allergist’s office to get allergy shots (yes, I get two shots a week that I could do at home. But let’s face it, I wouldn’t interrupt an otherwise good evening to inflict paid on myself). A few weeks ago I came down the back steps to find this sign for free coolers. I like free stuff.

Before I got too excited it occurred to me where they were placed. The door next to them led to an outpatient surgery center. You get where I’m going. No, there probably weren’t any body limbs or organs. But there was probably blood (or other such samples) going to and from labs. Yuck!

No, I’m not a germaphobe. But the thought of what these could have contained was more than I could handle. So I generously left the coolers for others to enjoy.

Would you have scarfed a free cooler?


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