Did you see it?

Every morning I take Cole to school.  Along the way we talk or just listen to the radio.  Sometimes he reads and I just enjoy being with him.  After dropping him at school, I get on I64-east and head to work.  (hang with me if you are not from here).  As I cross over the Watterson Expressway, I always find myself amazed.  You see, as you approach this intersection and cross over, you pop over a rise where there is an amazing site.  It’s not the gridlocked traffic ahead of me.  It’s the sky and the ever-changing sun rise that is before me.

Every morning the sky looks a little different based on the time or the weather, but it never ceases to amaze me.  This morning the sun was on the horizon and about to push above some trees and the sky had a spray of clouds with blues and reds washed around them.  I have driven this way hundreds of mornings and every time, God has brushed a new masterpiece.  Those are moments I wish I could capture and look at all day.

Did you see it?  What, you ask.  Have you seen a picture God has painted for you?  Your picture may be the joy that comes from hearing your children laugh, or your spouse reaching for your hand in church.  Your picture may have come from a kind word someone gave you or an encouraging gesture.  Maybe, like me, you are drawn to the Creator when you notice His creation.

Be encouraged today to watch for God’s handy work.  It’s all around us and allows for us to seek Him and know Him.  When you look out and part of the sky is sunny and it’s raining where you are standing, do you look for the rainbow?  It may sound juvenile, but taking three minutes out of your day to step to the window for the potential blessing of a rainbow – what’s wrong with that?  If nothing else, you’ve taken three minutes to think outside yourself.  More than likely in seeking the rainbow, you’ve also thought of the Creator and the miracle of the rainbow.  And if you find the rainbow, you are blessed all the more.

Did you see it?  Or were you in too big a hurry to notice something special or out of the ordinary.    Pay attention!  Please, pay attention and seek what God would have you see, and how He is revealing His miracles to you.

Let me know…


1 thought on “Did you see it?

  1. I see it all the time and feel so sad for people who say the world is getting so bad. I wish they could see what I see. I hate the pain and suffering that goes on, but we are all so blessed. I’m glad you take the time to look!



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