Are you living IN the moment or FOR the moment?

Before we get too far from a generation who had no television, cell phone or internet, I’d like to ask for their help.  Many can agree that the pace of life continues to push toward a faster and faster pace.  Why?  What are we rushing for?  Did your parents and grandparents live this way?   Half of those hurrying about their lives have no idea where they are going.  They have no goals or dreams, they are just getting up every morning, turning on whatever stimulus they are addicted(coffee, internet news, CNN…) to and go –before we all implode, lets take a minute and a deep breath (in through your nose, out through your mouth).  If you feel lightheaded it’s because you lungs are in shock from all of the air going in.  Try it one more time.  How does that feel?

Maybe I’m just growing up a little and realizing that there are so many things to notice and people who cross our path that we ignore because we live in a hurried stressful time.  It’s sad to see so many people living in fear that they will fail to get something done.  If our priorities are set, and our soul has peace everything else will fall into place.

Every day before my feet hit the floor I whisper a little prayer that invites God into my thoughts and activities for the day.  “Let all that I say and do be God-honoring.”  Most days that prayer sets the tone for the day and all the things on my list fall within that prayer; being a God-honoring wife, mother and employee.

 In our teenage years and even early 20’s, we believed that we were invincible.  So we made dumb decisions and did reckless things.  We were living for the moment and all the adventure of being a young adult out on our own for the first time.

Today, be encouraged to live IN the moment not FOR the moment.  As we consider the pace of life we choose for ourselves (not that is thrust on us by others or society), consider this moment or any given moment you find yourself in today and take in all that it has to offer.  Some moments will be VERY mundane – buying gas, or grocery shopping.  But other moments will be extraordinary.  Take in a quiet moment in yard, watching the leaves dance on the trees; or a moment watching your child practice batting over and over and over, until he hits the ball.  The look on his face is something to capture in your mind’s eye.  What about a quiet moment with a friend or your spouse?  Jay and I have what we call “stop time moments” where we might just be talking or staring into each other’s eyes – both hoping that time could stop for just a few minutes.

Taking in this moment, now, what are you thinking of?  Do you find yourself missing someone?  If you have read this far in this post, you probably are not thinking about a TV show you are missing.  In fact, if your TV is on, I hope it feels very loud and intrusive.

There is nothing wrong with TV or watching the news or keeping up with Facebook.  What are they keeping you from?  Are they part of the outside world that keeps pushing you to move faster?

Let me encourage you over these last 6 or 7 weeks of 2010 to slow down and enjoy the moments.  Take in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Laugh at the silly uptight family member that is the “Martha” in your world.  You know the type, perfect everything and rushing around to have dinner ready by 5:00 that she barely greets you when you walk in.

Let me know how it goes.

All the best,


…“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.”…  Luke 10:38 – 42


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