I don’t drink Coke Cola every day.  Many of us can agree the best Cokes colacome from McDonalds. Is it the perfect mix of ice, the syrup, the straw and the way it bursts into your mouth. I don’t know it’s magic. The other day I was in the mood for that perfectly refreshing sweetness, so I pulled into the drive through. Ordered the bubbly only to be told that their soda machine wasn’t working.  Not working! How can this be? It’s McDonalds, they are known for their soda pops and French fries!

I politely told the lady I didn’t want anything else and drove away. Immediately the post about people’s favorite kind of ice came to mind,    Ice By Any Other Form. How rediculous is it that I was frustrated with McDonald’s. Again I’m faced with a first world inconvenience that I have no right to be frustrated.

Lucky think for me that McDonald’s are strategically placed within a mile of one another in Louisville. Whew…