Doctor visit tune up

tune upToday I went to the doctor. Nothing serious, just a check-up. The twenty-minute experience was like taking my car to get a quick oil change. The nurse checks my vitals. Temperature – check. Blood pressure – check. Pulse – check. The physician came into the room with a friendly greeting and inquiry about my visit. After a brief conversation, he checks my heart and lungs. Check, check. The good doctor begins to ask some questions regarding standard screenings based on my age. “Yes, doctor, I promise to get those taken care of before the end of the year.” Check.

He completes our visit by reviewing his computer screen and giving me recommendations for healthier living to doctor visitinclude exercise. Ugh. The quickie oil change guys review what you need to keep your car running and try to sell you a new air filter and wiper blades. “Yes, I know, but my husband takes care of that.”

I’m good for another three months or 6,000 calories.



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