Be still Like Eli

sssshhhI’ve mentioned the many lessons our dog, Eli, has taught us in the three years he has been a part of our family.  He’s older and more mature now.  So are the lessons.  Several times a week before I start my work day I go in the living room and I sit for a few minutes of prayer.  The opportunist, Eli, comes with me and sits at my feet knowing a scratch behind the ears will be offered.

As I have my conversation with the Father and invite him to lead me through the day, Eli gets comfortable.  His head is up.  He is still and just looking around.  He is listening.  I’m sure he’s hearing things I don’t.

Watching Eli made me think; how often we do we just sit and listen? Imagine, being still and simply existing for a few minutes.  Breathe.  What would come to mind?  Would someone come to mind with whom you haven’t heard from in a long time?  What dream would you remember?  Would you make a decision you’ve been putting off?  Would you notice something about the room you are sitting in?  It’s a room you’ve been in a hundred times before.  Maybe, just maybe you will hear that still small voice answering your prayer, giving you guidance, leaving you with peace.



Sniffin’ It Out

Most of the time these days we are on sensory overload.  The sights, sounds, new tastes (however made up the flavors sound) and smells can overwhelm our senses.  Consider one of them for a moment: the sense of smell.  Smells can be a powerful leader sense that can tell a cautionary tale, stir up other senses (smell a lemon and your mouth will water), or transport us to another time and place (the smell of paste).  Below is a list of items (feel free to add to the list in a comment) that could have powerful memories, or create some other sensory response.  What do you think?

  1. Box of Crayons
  2. Pencils
  3. Markers
  4. Books
  5. Fraternity house
  6. Tequila
  7. Roses (what color do you picture when you think of the aroma?)
  8. A church building
  9. A school
  10. A locker room
  11. Grandmother
  12. Grandfather
  13. A bathroom
  14. A puppy
  15. A baby

Look forward to hearing from you.