Where was the grasshopper going?

Sitting in too much traffic today, I looked over and saw a grasshopper on the side of a potatoe chip truck.  Pretty smart, got a ride and snacks all in one leap.  I wondered where the grasshopper had joined the delivery man.  Was it at the chip factory, the grocery or maybe just somewhere along the way.  How big the truck must have seemed to that grasshopper.  It was too easy to imagine the cartoon version of the grasshopper climbing to the top of the truck and saying “WEEEEEE” all the way down Shelbyville road.

This may seem silly to share with you, but it’s not the grasshopper that is my point.  It’s the small thing that was noticed among the very big loud world we travel in.  It was a blessing to meet Mr. Grasshopper today and allow him to invade my thoughts.

What have you seen lately?



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