Something Extra-Ordinary

Have you seen or experienced something extra-ordinary lately?  Something that was different in a good way that made you stop your hustle and just experience the moment? My moments lately have involved birds for some reason. 

A couple of weeks ago I was leaving a business meeting and on a rail outside the building was a mother bird feeding her young a moth.  First of all I thought birds only ate worms, but evidently, this family had a broader menu.  The site of this stopped me in my pace.  There in midst of a busy downtown Louisville, a mother took care of the most basic need of her young.

She flew to the rail where the young ones were perched and she leaned in close to allow a bird to feed.  After a peck or two she turned to her second child and fed it from the same moth. 

The amazing thing is that nobody taught her how to feed her young.  She just knew her responsibility and did it.  My day was blessed and my attitude was changed by just taking 5 minutes of unscheduled time to take in this extra-ordinary site.

Be encouraged today to allow yourself to expect the unexpected blessing in your day.  Don’t forget to stop and enjoy a moment of something unusual or refreshing.  Take a deep breath and be in that moment.  It’s a moment that will carry you. 

All the best,


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