Be Your Own Filter

Someone recently was surprised to learn that I listen to public radio.  Why wouldn’t I?  They feature news and information from around the world and have interesting and fun shows like Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and the Car Guys.  The Diane Rehm Show, Fresh Air and All Things Considered are all shows that have intriguing interviews and news stories. This friend, who was so surprised, went on to tell me how liberal public radio can be and that I lean a little more on the conservative side.

Yes, I listen to NPR. However, I am an adult with a Biblical set of values and am smart enough to filter what I hear.  I don’t agree with everything I hear on the NPR shows. But I also don’t always agree with all of the opinions shared on Christian radio.  Throughout the week, I probably listen to them about the same amount of time.

Today’s media would like nothing more than for us to be mindless zombies who just take their information and believe it all.  That may be why this world is so messed up; too many people blindly following or adjusting their lives to what they hear on the news.

Every person who owns a television or radio has the power to change the station or turn it on or off. There are evenings when I will turn on the local news and within four minutes turn it off.  I do not need to fill my brain with such negative, hopeless information (of course I turn it back on at about 17 minutes into the show to see the weather).

Do we need to be well-informed citizens?  Do we need to know the news or our community?  Yes, we certainly do; and we need to be ready to do our part in solving those issues.  But, please, decide for yourself how to watch or listen to the news.  Gather your information from different sources then filter it through your belief system.

What do you think? Where do you get your news and information from?

All the best,



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