Gray Thursday

It has been a long-standing tradition in families across America that on Thanksgiving Thursday after over-stuffing on the turkey and fixings the football fans retire to take their naps in front of a bowl game.  Meanwhile the shoppers in the family spread the newspaper ads out on the table and create their strategy for black Friday shopping.

In recent years the internet entered the scene as the shoppers made their plans for black Friday referencing the difference in pricing online and those in the stores.  When there is less than a month and a list of gifts, all resources must be utilized.  But that is where the line should be drawn.

Last week several retailers announced that their black Friday deals would begin at 10 p.m. the night before.  The night before…that would be Thanksgiving night; grant it, shopping for Christmas can sometimes be hard to complete when it’s an important time to go to parties with friends and take the spiritual journey of the season, but is it necessary to squeeze out Thanksgiving Day?

Is it not worth a full 24 hours of life to slow down long enough to be thankful, stuff ourselves and enjoy time with family?  Now those 24 hours are being encroached on by retailers trying to create frenzy, and have their day in the media.

The family tradition at the beginning of the piece many times ends with family playing cards or watching a movie together, not charging the door of Wal-Mart to save little, and stand in line all night.  Where are our priorities?  Are they on the people we are shopping for and the important times we spend with them? Retailers would have you believe that to show your love to that special someone, you absolutely MUST leave them at the Thanksgiving table, and go buy them stuff.

If we are not careful, Thanksgiving Thursday is going to become, Gray Thursday – another historical holiday lost in commercialism.

Think about it.

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Gray Thursday

  1. I have to agree, this is ridiculousness! I have never gotten into the whole Black Friday myself, I have been more of a cyber Monday fan. Sit in my pajamas WITH my family and go nowhere…no lines…no competition. Just get what I need and get! lol. I think Thanksgiving should be a day all to itself and it shouldn’t be tampered with . I guess the stores think they can get more retail in by opening things up earlier, but how much do they think they will actually get? Not enough to make it worthwhile and then making their employees work on Thanksgiving when they might have otherwise been able to stay home with their families. Jut my thought? Thanks for sharing your thoughts Karen. 🙂


  2. I’d go even further and quote Paul who said, “… I have learned to be content…”

    Our crazy shopping obsession doesn’t square with ‘contentment’ or the many texts about greed. Sure we are shopping for others but do they really need more stuff? Maybe, if we considered other ways to show them our love, the sanity would catch on…



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