Think about it…

Recently I noticed my indoor plants were dying.  Some of these plants I have had for years.  What was going on?  Immediately checking their soil, they were dry as a bone.  How could I have forgotten to water them?  Then it occurred to me.  I have spent the spring and summer focusing on our landscaping on the outside, I forgot to pay attention to the beautiful greenery that I had growing on the inside of our home.  I had passed these plants every day, dusted around them every week (or so) and yet, their needs for nurture had been neglected.  It took less than 10 minutes to water and feed all of my plants and within a couple of days they were looking better.

House plants create warmth and show life in a home.  They are green and grow year round.  Is there something wilting on the inside that you need to water and nurture?  What would 10 minutes of taking care of your heart and soul mean to your week?

Think about it.

All the best,

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