15 more — I’m doing my part

So our goal was 100 posts and 100 followers by December 31st.  Many of you have done your part, there are 64 followers. I’m doing my part, this is post number 85.  There are 15 more coming.  I promise.  A few have been drafted others are still rolling around in this red-headed head.  You know, natural-born red-heads are dwindling in number…but I digress.  Here’s how you can help:

First, be sure you are following.  Just click the “Follow” button to the right right arrowof this post.  Second, you could share this or any of my posts on your Facebook page inviting your friends to follow as well.  Thirdly, you could copy and paste www.kkscandor.com in an email message telling friends and family that you are offering them a subscription to my blog for the holidays.  Yes, I know it’s free, but the value and thought are what gift giving is all about, isn’t it?

Finally, enjoy the impact you could have on helping me accomplish my goal and in return you are giving friends and family a gateway to encouragement.

Thank you.

All the best,


1 thought on “15 more — I’m doing my part

  1. I’ve got a blog topic I think would be interesting. Think about the number of beauty items you use in the course of getting dressed in the morning; soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, face lotion, make up, three hair products, and a spray of perfume. That after taking a hot shower of any length given our abundant availability of water. This struck me as noteworthy. Maybe your readers would like to weigh in on the topic.    

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