It’s GOal time

The second week of January. We’ve had time to make and break ridiculously under-considered #resolutions. Now it’s time to get serious. It’s GOal time! Take time this week to truly consider 1 – 3 things you would like to do in 2022. We’re two years into a pandemic, so we’ve figured out how to do most of the things we want and need to do within the constraints of staying safe and healthy. Below are my thoughts on goal setting in 2022.

Goal setting is NOT making a to-do list (or honey-do lists). That is a totally different exercise we’ll cover later. Goals are those activities that cause us to reach, grow, and get out of our comfort zone. Accomplishing them changes us for the better.

Before Friday, January 14, find some time alone – quiet. Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom. Consider yourself and your life, and get real. What do you like about where you find yourself? What don’t you like? Ouch, that hurts. Remember, you’re alone and you’re searching your heart. No one else knows what you’re thinking. What three things come to mind? Write them down, tuck them away and come back the next day.

This year my #goals fall into the categories of mind, body, and soul. Over the 24-hour simmer, let the three things roll around in your head. When you come back to them, are they still three things you want to work on? Take one sheet of paper, if your goals won’t fit on one piece of paper, it’s too much to take on.

Write your goals and simple steps to accomplishing them. Remember these are things that will have you reach, grow and get out of your comfort zone to accomplish.

Now, there they are in black and white. It’s real now. The goals you’ve committed to for 2022. You are going to do something wonderful this year. If you have someone you can be completely transparent with, and you want to ask for accountability, give them a copy and set up a time to connect with them throughout the year.

Now it’s GO time!

All the best,


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This is 2020

You’ve been waiting for it, I know. My annual post about goal setting. I’ve been thinking about goals and the things I’d like to accomplish this year. As I’ve shared previously, my goals usually fall into several categories: health, financial, spiritual, and professional. And of course, there are two to three action items under each. Another thought on goals, if you have the same goal for multiple years and haven’t moved toward achieving it, then you may want to rethink the goal. Either it’s not that important to you, or you’ve set a goal that is unattainable, and you may want to set smaller ones leading to the original goal.

I had another 300 words written on goals and things I’d like to change for 2020, but I scrapped them. The message got too bogged down. So, I’ll leave you with this question to ponder-what can you do in 2020 to change something about yourself to improve your life, as such making an impact on the world around you?

Let me know what you decide.


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Click to tweet: If you have the same goal for multiple years and haven’t moved toward achieving it, then you may want to rethink the goal. Either it’s not that important to you, or you’ve set a goal that is unattainable, and you may want to set smaller ones leading to the original goal.

Written Goals

Here we are at the end of January. Twenty-eight days of the new year complete. How are Meme that says There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.those New Year’s resolutions (#newyearsresolution) holding up for you? By now, many have given up. As I’ve shared with you, I’m a little behind on things and had to give myself permission to take the month to catch up. So far, so good.

The goals from last year have been reviewed, renewed or rewritten. There were several from that last year that did not get accomplished. While considering the reason, I realized that those were the goals that required someone or something outside of me or my control to accomplish.

For example, if the goal was to get a book traditionally published, well, that requires a publisher to accept it etc. But if the goal is to get my book completed, edited and sent to a publisher, then I am the only one who controls the success of that goal.

Another consideration was that some of the goals were really more like behaviors. A goal (#goals) might be to lose 10 pounds. A behavior change is to do something like eat healthy meals. Perhaps a behavior change will support accomplishing a goal. It’s too easy to write down a bunch of goals that will later overwhelm you. This year write three or four real goals to accomplish, but then commit to one or two behaviors you would like to change.

What will 2018 hold for you?




They are Written

Today is January 8th. The first week of the new year is over. It was a rough one for me as I promptly came down with a sinus infection of sorts and spent a few days in a fog. UGH, feel like I lost precious time. But I digress. Today, I had a chance to get my house in order and sit down to write my goals. As always, I pulled out last year’s. I’ve already confessed that not many of last year’s goals were accomplished. Instead of scrapping them, I read them and renewed in my heart that these were the three areas I wanted to accomplish something in — Financial, Mind & Spirit and Healthy Habits. Under each heading there are one or two specific goals.

To strengthen my commitment to each category, I found Bible verses to go with each that would remind me of the goal. Each goal category and verse is written on a note card that I will see often.

Financial (core value: to be a good steward of all God has given) — Colossians 3:17 “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” (the goal has to do with my work)goals

Mind & Spirit (core value: to be a life-long learner) — Proverbs 1:5, 7 “A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel…The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Healthy Habits (core value: to take care of myself so that I can serve others and be the best version of myself) — I Corinthians 6:19-20 “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? You were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your Body and in your spirit which are God’s.”

Perhaps as a person of faith, adding the scriptures to my goals will remind me each day that while I am human and may not always have the strength or discipline to stay focused, I serve a God who is bigger and is ready to help.

So here we go…


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Make a Mark in Time

Friday, January 6th — The Epiphany — or 12th night. Six days into the new year. How are you doing? As I’ve shared before, I don’t completely commit to my new year’s goals or resolutions until the end of the first week. That time gives me the opportunity to settle in a little and really think about what I’d like to do in the new year. Tomorrow, I will write them down and put them in my planner. There they will be reviewed periodically and I will schedule time and action items.

Just as today is a significant day for those who celebrate the wise men’s visit to the Christ child, perhaps you mark on your calendar benchmark days for the goals you set a week ago. What will you have accomplished by Ash Wednesday (March 1st this year)? Or Easter? Perhaps your birthday or anniversary is in the spring, how far along will you be in your resolutions by then? March 21st is the first day of Spring? What about making a mark on July 4th or the day you leave for vacation?

Go ahead and put a target on some dates for you to have accomplished some or all of what you resolved to do in 2017.


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Today is When it Starts to Count

On January 1st you made your resolution. You were good all day. You found time to diet, exercise, read, create a budget, or whatever you resolved to do or not to do. The second of January was the work holiday. Still going strong. Took the walk, watched what you ate, took time to read, made some more plans for the new year.

Today is January 3rd. We go back to school and work. The week is short and extracurricular activities are starting again after a break. Today is when it could get harder to stay committed. You’ll be around others who aren’t dieting. In fact, they probably brought holiday leftover cookies in to get rid of them. You’ll work all day and be tired when you get home, will you still hit the gym, or walk the dog? After dinner, kitchen clean, you’ve got a few hours before bed, time to read or work on your new project? Remember 72 hours ago this was going to be the year you got organized. Are feeling up to cleaning out a closet?

I’m not writing today to discourage you. Today be encouraged that you have some outstanding plans for the year. Your goals are set. Now, take a few minutes to add them to your schedule. Taking a class? Where does that fit. Go ahead mark out the time you need to do the things you want to do. You are still on track to be in the eight percent. A little reality check and planning will help you succeed. You’ve got 168 hours in the week — budget them to ensure priorities are met and goals are accomplished.


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Will you be in the 8 percentage?

Usually when we hear of a small percentage, top one percent or top ten percent, it’s for good reasons like income level or class placement. Being included in the top percentages usually means you have worked hard, have been committed and didn’t lose your focus. Those are also characteristics of someone who is trying to achieve a goal (or resolution). See where this I going?

The percentage of Americans who keep their New Years Resolution after a month is 64%. Ok, not bad. At six months, only 48% have kept their resolution. Do you see the trend? Only eight percent keep their resolution for the entire year. Those who keep their goal or resolutions are the ones who keep it in their sights. Every day they think, read about or do something toward that end.

Don’t be discouraged by this small number. If eight percent can do it, than 98 percent can. Remember, nobody could run a five minute mile until one person did. Before you commit to your resolution, commit to being counted in the eight percent. Others have, so we know it’s possible.


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It’s not what you think

khrichardsonAbout this time each year I attempt to inspire you to make goals for the New Year. Written goals are 10 times more likely to be accomplished than goals that are not written. Typically, I encourage goals for spiritual growth, financial soundness, and physical betterment. I still believe each of these areas is important, but this year, I’m re-thinking my goal-setting and accomplishing strategy.

What if I keep my three main categories, but only have one maybe two goals in each. Quality not quantity of goals. Each day, week, month, live intentionally to end up with a higher accomplishment rate. I’m not going to lose 15 pounds the first week of the year. But I can over a few months. It’s going to take being intentional each day to lower my sugar intake. It’s going to take being intentional each week to make time to exercise.

In December, I gave up talk radio in order to clear the clutter from my brain and allow my heart to experience the Christmas season. It worked. Not in the way I expected it to, but I found my spirit calm and my heart excited to celebrate the birth of Christ. The other thing I gained from this was control. Instead of absentmindedly turning the channel to talk radio or news, I chose to listen to uplifting and inspirational music. I controlled the messaging going into my brain. It’s important to keep up with news and the affairs of the world, but do it on YOUR terms.

Our days can get busy and life can get messy, take control where you can, be intentional in your living and focus each day on what is most important.

Take Care,

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Happy New Year!

party hats and hornsI love that the first day of a new year is a holiday. Many wake up ready to throw away the old bad habits and jump into healthier living and better financial decisions. Gung ho! Not me. Yes, there are things I’d like to do and change in 2016, but today is a day of relaxing and family. It’s our last day or two of this holiday season. New Year’s day and (because of how it falls this year) the weekend that follows is a great way to ease into a new year. Take these few days to wrap up your holiday mindset. Make decisions about goals for 2016 and steps you will take to accomplish them. Look at your calendar and plan time to work on your goals. Is it exercise? Is it eating right? How will your meals change this first week/month of the year? Are you going to take a class? When will you be in class and when will you do homework?

Here’s to a well-paced goal-accomplishing 2016.



The Stop Light

stop lightSitting in my car at a stop light. Waiting for the green light. Watching. Getting ready for the green light. My plan was to turn left and continue to my destination. Without an arrow on green, the left turn must yield and wait for the intersection to be clear.

The whole three minutes made me think about the times in life when we come to decision intersections. To have an opportunity presented isn’t necessarily a green light. Sometimes its best to slow down and check the intersection for clarity.

Just a thought.