Climate Controlled

So the other evening my husband walked in from work red-faced and sweating. It took me a minute to realize what was going on.  While his work is sometimes physical and outside, and had been away from any of that activity for about 20 minutes, his car has no air conditioning and it was close to 90 degrees outside. Then like a splash of cold water it hit me, my world is very climate controlled.Climate-controlled

If I get too cold, I make an adjustment to the thermostat.  If I get too warm, another adjustment is made; never too cold, never too hot. When I leave to go somewhere, I get in the hot car and turn on the air conditioner.  It’s like living in a season-neutral world – not too hot, not too cold, don’t get rained on etc.

I wouldn’t call us soft, but what would your first thought be if there is a power outage on a very hot evening? One guess would be, call a hotel! Can we not stand to be a little uncomfortable? Do we take the opportunity to have a little adventure and experience what the uncontrolled environment feels like?

Those of us who work in offices need to be intentional about getting outside, letting our bodies be a part of creation; feel the sunshine, let a rain drop or two land on your nose, get a little sweaty, freeze a little.

Your thoughts,


P.S. – he’s getting his air conditioner fixed this month.



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