I bought it.

lotto (003)Over the last week or so the lottery has been quite the thing to buzz about. I am not a regular player, and don’t understand the fun of consistently paying two dollars for a little slip of paper that more than likely will deliver nothing in return. That being said, I admit to purchasing maybe a total of five lottery tickets in the life of the lottery.

Once, I was reminded of recently by a college friend, was when the lottery first started and I bought a scratch off and actually won. That winning didn’t give me the fever though. The other times have been when the lottery potential winnings hit historical highs, like hundreds of millions or like last week over a billion dollars. Why not? I spent two dollars and bought myself and my family a few days of fun conversation surrounded by the “what if” question.

We talked of being debt free and blessing our church and missionaries we support. What I admired was that we didn’t talk of world trips or huge houses. We talked about life being a little easier because of not having to worry about our future financial state.

I enjoyed dreaming of a lifestyle that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about. It was a fun escape. Needless to say (as you can see from the photo), they chose the wrong numbers and I didn’t win. My participation last week reminded me that dreaming is good. No, I’ll never be a billionaire at the rate I’m going, but my family will always have what we need most. There will be successful goal-achieving moments ahead. Money certainly helps in this world, but it’s not everything. It’s a resource that gives us the opportunity to make this place a little better for ourselves and those we care about.

There still may be moments of escape when I do a little dreaming of “what if”, but I don’t need a lottery ticket to do that.

All the best,



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