Through Eli’s Eyes

Eli is our family dog. Recently, I took him to Pet Smart to buy a new toy. The following is our adventure as seen through his eyes. Do you have a pet that has such a big personality you just wish they could talk to you?

Momma said it, “Bye-bye.” Yep I’m game let’s go. She is taking so long, how many dog years is it going to take to get in that thing that takes us places? Oh no, what if we’re going to that smelly place with the mean humans who spray water at me and put that slippery stuff on. I’ll scratch at the window so momma will open it.

Woah, that’s a lot of smells. Focus. Sniff, Focus. Ok, so we’re going toward that place we take the boy sometimes and leave him. Good, not the water place. And not camp where they leave me for what seems like more than a dog week. Wait a minute, now we’re going another direction we don’t go often. I smell other dogs. I’ll poke my head up front and nudge mom’s arm. She’ll tell me.

She said my other favorite word, TREAT. My tail is going to wag off momma, YES, YES.

She stopped, wait a minute, she leaving me in here. Mom! Let me out. Oh, here she is. I get to go with her. Let’s go! I can smell a lot of friends around. We’re going through these big moving things.

It’s going to wear my nose out. What are these? What are those? Treats? Toys? She stopping. That’s fine I can sniff this stuff here.

OOOh, she has something bouncy it goes up and down, smells good. OK! Let’s take it home!

There’s another human we have to stop and talk to. Let’s see what’s up here. I smell them, TREATS! Can I have one? I’m showing my cute puppy dog face. Oh, wait a minute, I’ll sit, that always works. Waiting, waiting. Scratch, sit, waiting.

Yes, it worked — a yummy treat for ME.

Looks like we’re going home. Can I have my toy now? Oh bummer, she’s telling me to sit in the seat. But my toy is next to momma.

Being patient, I’ll sniff out the window. Better check, is my toy still next to momma? Scratch at the window so she’ll put it down. FEEL THE BREEZE! SMELL THE NEIGHBORHOOD! I’VE GOT A NEW TOY!

Ok, we’re home, can I have my toy now? UGGH, she’s taking this stuff off my neck and nose. Then I see it. It’s in her hand, she’s going to throw it… Yes, I have my new toy! Wag my tail to say thank you.

All the best,





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