How free are these?

coolersOnce a week I have to go by the allergist’s office to get allergy shots (yes, I get two shots a week that I could do at home. But let’s face it, I wouldn’t interrupt an otherwise good evening to inflict paid on myself). A few weeks ago I came down the back steps to find this sign for free coolers. I like free stuff.

Before I got too excited it occurred to me where they were placed. The door next to them led to an outpatient surgery center. You get where I’m going. No, there probably weren’t any body limbs or organs. But there was probably blood (or other such samples) going to and from labs. Yuck!

No, I’m not a germaphobe. But the thought of what these could have contained was more than I could handle. So I generously left the coolers for others to enjoy.

Would you have scarfed a free cooler?


1 thought on “How free are these?

  1. I would have probably gone in and asked what was transported in them. I doubt they would have risked contaminating anyone but it doesn’t hurt to check 😀



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