What Will You Complain About Today?

 You’ve heard me share about how exhausting high-drama people can be.  UUUGGGHHH.  But recently, I’ve imagesCAP8EZ81wondered more about whiny people – complainers. Why are these people so discontent?  Why is nothing ever good enough?  The next question in my mind is, it they had the opportunity to design their day’s activities, weather and interactions to their liking, would they really like it?  Or would they not even know how to survive such a day?

Just a thought…


Don’t Fall Over Your Pride…

Rarely is pride spoken of in a positive manner. “Pride goeth before a fall,” a most familiar proverb, is a caution to not let self absorption take over so as to lose sight of the bigger need or picture. But consider the good that is found in taking pride in a job or task well done.

In doing a job, project or task that turns out well what is that surge, the emotion that wells up inside and is evidenced by standing a little taller. Doing well breeds confidence. Confidence in wise hands continues to build success. However, confidence and pride overstated can be blinding.

What is the balance? What legacy is left if there is a trail of half-hearted projects or work? What is taught to the next generation if the appropriate balance of humility and pride is not learned?

Is pride a bad thing? Heavens no! How honoring it is to parents, teachers, mentors to see those in their care try hard and do their very best.

Think about it,