Snow Day Projects

Four days ago our community had a foot of snow fall. Some areas south of us got upwards of two feet of snow. Yes, I know it’s checklistthe beginning of March. Winter was a little late in blooming this year. It tried to show up in November with our first five inches, but it shied away and tried to make a final stand a couple of weeks ago but decided a few days ago to go for broke before the first day of spring gets here.

The snow came and fell for hours. We woke to a foot of snow and the city practically shut down. For those who couldn’t go to work or school it was a prime opportunity to hit the list. We all have them. The list of projects or chores we save for “when we are snowed in”. These projects could range from sorting old photos into albums, cleaning out a closet or sitting in the big chair and reading all day long.

Unfortunately, we are so connected from inside our own homes to the outside world and have so many entertainment distractions at our finger tips, the snow really doesn’t keep us from doing much we would be ordinarily do. Short of a power outage, I could work and still do conference calls. My son could still watch a variety of cable or NetFlix shows. Our snow days didn’t look much different than a normal day off for the kids or a normal work day for me; ok, other than the initial excitement of a day of sledding and take-out pizza.

What will it take for me to hit the list and get it done? Sitting here thinking of two or three of my projects, I find one thing leading to another. Cleaning out a closet is going to mean sorting, organizing and more than likely a trip to Goodwill. But all of the closets need this, so do I sort and organize all of them and make a huge trip to Goodwill? How do I prioritize my list? Can I ever catch up with all of my projects? Or is this like eating the big salad? Since waiting for snow won’t get it done, guess I’m going to have to just dig in.

Here’s my challenge to you – yes, you can hold me accountable – today is March 8, 2015, Easter is April 5th, four weeks. How many of your snow day list items can we complete?

Are you game?


Spaghetti Christmas

It was December 27th.  We took down the tree, cleaned up the needles and began to put away our gifts.  With all three of us at home we took advantage of the time to move some furniture around and complete some “honey-do” items.  One thing led to another and before I knew it our upstairs hallway looked like the bedrooms had puked up every extra piece of furniture.  To pick up, sort, throw away, and put away was like eating spaghetti.Spaghetti_spiral_splayed

Opening the closet to put something away opened another opportunity to organize and create space.  The best approach I’ve found is to “one touch” stuff.  Pick something up, find it a home and put it there – don’t go down rabbit trails of new projects, just make note of them and move on.   Just keep working it and eventually you’ll find the floor (or the top of your desk – this method works well at the office).

Give it a try and let me know.

All the best,