When we sit at the feet of Jesus…

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls.

-Matthew 11:28-29

Our lives can be way too busy.  We struggle to find time for the things we find most important, church, family, friends.  We are tired and over-committed most weeks.  How do we regain control of our priorities and time (one leads to the other, you know).  They say if you look at a man’s checkbook you will tell what he values, well let me add the man’s calendar.  What we spend our time doing speaks volumes as to who we are and what we value.

It’s not uncommon for Christians to attend a spiritual retreat every now and then.  You get away from it all, take off your watch and turn off your cell phone.  Then after the sweat clears from having shut yourself off from the world, you find Jesus.

What a refreshing visit it can be – to be in spirit of prayer and communion with the Savior.  The spirit reaches in and chips away at your soul, releasing all that inhibits connection with the Lord.  You then can drink in the love and teaching of Jesus.  Take a deep breath – what does this look like to you?

Luke 10:38 tells of when Jesus and His disciples were visiting Martha’s house.  You have to remember this was 13 men traveling through town and stopped in Martha’s humble home and they were hungry.  Martha busied herself preparing a meal for them.  Mary sat at Jesus’ feet; His feet that were tired and dirty.  Did they smell?  That’s beside the point; knowing how sisters communicate, I imagine she knew what Martha was thinking.  She knew her sister was a little miffed that unexpected guests were there, however wonderful it was, and she was doing all the work.

In my mind’s eye, I picture Mary hanging on every word of Jesus.  His spirit-filled message was refreshing and gave rest for her soul.

Let me encourage you to take a seat at the feet of Jesus.  Look up at the gentle eyes and search for what He has to say to you.  Sssshhhh, be quiet and listen.  He might be your silent partner, know that He is there.  He might be whispering something special in your heart, be still and receive His word.  Let the world go by for just a moment or two and sit at the feet of Jesus.

All the best,


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