Prom Night for the Adults

Each spring in high schools across America the guys are nervous that she will say “no” and the girls are scared that they won’t get asked.  That probably isn’t so much the case for adults, but all of the other elements of prom go into preparing for the black-tie galas on Derby eve in Louisville.  It’s all about the dress, shoes, hair and make-up for the ladies and the men it’s about the tux and having a pretty girl on their arm.  Many of the Derby eve balls have celebrities in attendance.  In my opinion, celebrities are about as exciting as the high school football star or the head cheerleader at the prom.

We attended a ball this year.  For us, it was a night to get dressed up and enjoy an evening out. We danced a slow dance gazing into each other’s eyes and it didn’t matter that Grammy winner, Linda Davis, was the one singing to us.  It was just us.

Attending the ball made for some fun people watching; especially seeing those who were star-struck by the celebrities; following close behind them to catch them for a quick photo or autograph.  We did get one celebrity photo, primarily because she had been here before and was a favorite of my brothers.

The other people-watching joy was watching those not accustomed to being in a tux or an evening gown and high heels. Like the young ladies going to the prom in their first pair of strappy shoes, these women walked awkwardly on their toes (instead of relaxing and walking heel toe heel toe) and too early in the evening some thought it would be cute to take their shoes off.  But what struck me as saddest was what women consider to be appropriate attire for a black-tie evening.  There was opportunity for footage for Clinton and Stacey to review (What Not To Wear hosts).  Dresses were not right for their frame, or cut ridiculously too low (in the front or back).  Some were short colorful dresses and others were long.  An evening gown should have a classic style and not be too flashy.  Oh, and some women chose to wear hats. Seriously, a hat to a ball?

I realize that for most of us, going to a black-tie event may only come once a year if that often.  But let me encourage you that when the opportunity comes, please take a trip to the internet or the public library and brush up on appropriate attire.  Then check in with Clinton and Stacey on the TLC site for tips on proper fitting. Guys, sorry, but there is only so much you can do with a tux that who knows how many others have worn.

Not every woman is going to be (or needs to be) the Scarlett O’Hara at the ball.  The most important part is that you are dressed appropriately, feel pretty and have your very own Rhett (or love of your life) on your arm.

Just a thought, what do you think?



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