Lessons from Eli

He came home on May 7th only four pounds and completely cute.  Immediately he stole our hearts.  Little did I know that over the next few months, Eli, the little brown dog, had a few lessons for our family.

Being content – Eli likes to chew on things and his owners’ toes and fingers.  While the cuteness factor helped him not get sent back, the chewing was hurtful and annoying.  So, we acquired several of what were touted to be “puppy’s favorite” toys.  There were balls, and squeaky toys, a few old socks.  With all of these choices surrounding him, Eli still chose to steal our shoes, or just walk up and chomp on our toes.  With all those puppy toys, chosen for him and completely right for him, he was not content.  He wanted something else.  He wanted things not right for him and even would get him in trouble.

How many times do you find yourself in Eli’s position?  Look around, do you have your “favorites”?  Do you have what you need to satisfy your desire to chew?   Do you find yourself ignoring that which has been provided to fulfill your needs, for that which only leads to trouble?

We are all guilty of being discontent.  We don’t just relax in warmth of having what we need and if I had to guess, most of what we want.

Guilty and running – not long after we brought Eli home he began to learn right and wrong.  Remember the chewing need?  Eli would be doing great, lying on the floor chewing on his bone, and then without rhyme or reason he would get up grab a shoe and RUN!  Why run if he didn’t know he was guilty?  His demeanor changed as he crawled under the bed.  Clutching the shoe with all he had, Eli would not release or come out.

How many times when you have done something wrong have you run from those who care enough to not want you to hurt yourself or do something wrong?  Maybe you find yourself hiding and hoping those who want to help you do something more positive pass by.

We didn’t just pass by, we knew it was important for Eli to learn not to chew on shoes, so we crawled under the bed with him and grabbed the shoe he shouldn’t have.  After crawling back out and calling Eli, he gladly followed.  Most of the time this exchange resulted in our finding a treat and a toy to redirect his behavior.

Eli continues to teach us lessons.  In each of these scenarios, Eli was given the opportunity to learn something new, turn a negative into a positive, and be with those who love him most.

Are Eli’s lessons your lesson?

All the best,



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