Password Protected

Passwords, UUUGGGHHH! Having had accounts hacked, I completely understand their necessity, but it’s getting a little out of hand now that we have to have an application on our phones to keep all of our passwords under one password. Do you remember the security questions that protect your passwords? Do you try to be cleaver with passwords and security questions only to outsmart yourself? You can’t remember the password or the answer to the question because you aren’t in the same snarky mood you wereM in the day you set up the account.
Well,  I won’t tell you the secret to my password creation, but I will confess to having my application that holds all of my passwords implode when I failed to enter my password correctly. Is it the dog’s birthday, or my cousin’s best friend’s address, or was it my favorite color when I was in the second grade. I can’t remember and these buttons are so close together, I even put the wrong password in wrong. It got me so flustered that I kept getting it wrong and then I got THE MESSAGE. All of your passwords have been ERASED, please start over. Oh, doody! Fine, so I begin again with the most commonly used passwords. Ironically, I remember these without having to look them up, why are they in the password keeper? Nonetheless, I begin again determined that the keeper of my passwords isn’t going to get the best of me.
Your thoughts on passwords.
All the best,

2 thoughts on “Password Protected

  1. I too have blown up my password keeper account and actually find it to be my nemesis more often than my protector, and just when I find a password that seems to meet all the requirements of my different accounts one capital one symbol 33 letters etc one of my accounts will change their requirements…oh joy


  2. I hate passwords too, but we have a simple system that helps me remember. It’s always a variation on one theme and that makes it easier to remember 🙂 Gail



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