A Child Being Mistreated

sad childOk, what would you do? I was sitting in a fast food drive-thru, had paid for my food and was waiting. Just as they passed in front of me the “mother” grabbed the little girl by the back of her head and yanked her hair clearly mad at her for something. The little girl screamed and began to cry. I almost came out of my car to grab the mother’s hair to see how she liked it. The scene hurt me to the core. The mother let go and went into the restaurant with the “grandmother” and the son. I still wanted to go after the mother, but decided all that would do would cause a fight with the woman not resolving her heart issue.

I said a prayer of protection over the children and for God to deal with the mother. I watched as the father comforted the child and she settled down. As they walked in I noticed on the girl’s t-shirt the saying, “God is on our side.” May she always know that saying as true.

What would you have done?


3 thoughts on “A Child Being Mistreated

  1. OK no I wouldn’t have but I have been told you are supposed to say something like wow you must be having a rough day, can I hang out with the kids while you take a minute for yourself? However I don’t think I could be that diplomatic which would bring me back to pulling her hair! Seriously! Until she cried!


  2. I’m so sorry this happened. I think I would have come along side of the lady and tried to talk with her about how stressful parenting can be. I know our initial reaction is to want to push back at the woman, but honestly, she probably didn’t know any better. That’s may the way she was treated. To break this cycle, we need to provide education and support to these women who may be at the breaking point. We want to protect our children.



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