Reading Your Way Across America

books across america

Since June I have been in a reading slump.  My favorite authors haven’t published anything recently and the books I’ve started I can’t seem to get into.  This feels something similar to worse case of writer’s block a person could have.  I tried reading through first novels but got hung up on a really bad first novel from a Kentucky author.  There is restlessness in my soul that is a longing to be taken away to another time and place by a novelist’s ability to make today disappear and paint pictures of places I’ve never been.   I want to become friends with the hero and get frustrated with the villain.  You know the feeling when you finish a good book and the next day you are wondering what the characters are up to only to realize they are gone.

I found this list that intrigued me.  This is a list of books that are set in each state.  Many of these books I have already read; others I think I may try just to scratch this itch.  It’s important for writers to read.  Really, it’s important for everyone to read.

Who is your favorite author?  Any suggestions?

Missing a good read,



3 thoughts on “Reading Your Way Across America

  1. KK, Our book club recently read “The Roundhouse” by Louise Erdrich. Excellent, “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed, “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson-hilarious! These aren,t Christian books, but well written and very different- -so an opportunity to learn & grow. I,m presently reading ” These Granite Islands by Sarah Stonich-so well written and, I think, a first novel.

    Let me know if any of these appeals.

    Yvonne Sent from my iPad


  2. I recently read Lorna Doone. It was sooooo good!! It was written in something like the 17th century and for that reason is in old English. This takes a little getting used to but stick with it and it becomes easier to read. When I was a child I grew up on the mission field where we were taught in a mission school which used the Calvert Course. They had an abridged version of Lorna Doone which I remembered loving. The unabridged is much harder to read but will pay off in spades if you stick with it. (It’s a romance.)



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