Will you be in the 8 percentage?

Usually when we hear of a small percentage, top one percent or top ten percent, it’s for good reasons like income level or class placement. Being included in the top percentages usually means you have worked hard, have been committed and didn’t lose your focus. Those are also characteristics of someone who is trying to achieve a goal (or resolution). See where this I going?

The percentage of Americans who keep their New Years Resolution after a month is 64%. Ok, not bad. At six months, only 48% have kept their resolution. Do you see the trend? Only eight percent keep their resolution for the entire year. Those who keep their goal or resolutions are the ones who keep it in their sights. Every day they think, read about or do something toward that end.

Don’t be discouraged by this small number. If eight percent can do it, than 98 percent can. Remember, nobody could run a five minute mile until one person did. Before you commit to your resolution, commit to being counted in the eight percent. Others have, so we know it’s possible.


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3 thoughts on “Will you be in the 8 percentage?

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