Will you be in the 8 percentage?

Usually when we hear of a small percentage, top one percent or top ten percent, it’s for good reasons like income level or class placement. Being included in the top percentages usually means you have worked hard, have been committed and didn’t lose your focus. Those are also characteristics of someone who is trying to achieve a goal (or resolution). See where this I going?

The percentage of Americans who keep their New Years Resolution after a month is 64%. Ok, not bad. At six months, only 48% have kept their resolution. Do you see the trend? Only eight percent keep their resolution for the entire year. Those who keep their goal or resolutions are the ones who keep it in their sights. Every day they think, read about or do something toward that end.

Don’t be discouraged by this small number. If eight percent can do it, than 98 percent can. Remember, nobody could run a five minute mile until one person did. Before you commit to your resolution, commit to being counted in the eight percent. Others have, so we know it’s possible.


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Have you done it yet?

Welcome to the end of the first week of January.  Last week you started the month and the year with high-hopes and lofty resolutions.  Now that things are settling down to normal and the kids are headed back to school, it’s time to solidify those resolutions into goals that you can work toward accomplishing in the next 358 days.

With clear and realistic thinking, sit down and write your goals for 2013.  You’ve heard that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step; writing your goal down is the first step.  Your goal becomes real when you see it staring back at you from the page.  It becomes your destination and map for a new journey this year.  Then take the second step and write under the goal the first five action items to accomplishing your goal.

For example, one of my goals is to read at least 12 books this year and at least two of them need to be new authors and genres for me.  So under the goal I number lines one through twelve.  Now I just go to work filling in the blanks.  I know a book a month doesn’t seem like much, but realistically I have little time in my day to read, so I know it’s attainable given my work and family obligations.  Last year, I would have read more, but one of the books I chose was painfully slow.  But I finished it and am glad I stuck with it.

Can’t think of anything you would like to accomplish this year?  Ask yourself a couple of questions:  if I could do one thing to improve my situation, financially, physically, mentally or emotionally, what would it be?  What do you need to do to accomplish this?

If it helps and you want someone to hold you accountable, share your goals with a trusted friend and give them permission to ask you throughout the year about how you are doing toward your goal.  Having gone through this exercise every year for the past 20 plus years, setting goals has become a part of my psyche, I’m pretty good at holding myself accountable; ok except for exercise goals, these I stink at.

One thing is true, if you write nothing down; set no goals, you are likely to be the exact same physically, mentally or emotionally as you are right this minute.  Even if you don’t fully accomplish the goal you write down, any effort toward that goal is better than no effort at all.  In the end, you will celebrate all the steps of your journey even if you didn’t reach your destination.  That’s what 2014 will be about.

Let me know how it’s going,