Today is When it Starts to Count

On January 1st you made your resolution. You were good all day. You found time to diet, exercise, read, create a budget, or whatever you resolved to do or not to do. The second of January was the work holiday. Still going strong. Took the walk, watched what you ate, took time to read, made some more plans for the new year.

Today is January 3rd. We go back to school and work. The week is short and extracurricular activities are starting again after a break. Today is when it could get harder to stay committed. You’ll be around others who aren’t dieting. In fact, they probably brought holiday leftover cookies in to get rid of them. You’ll work all day and be tired when you get home, will you still hit the gym, or walk the dog? After dinner, kitchen clean, you’ve got a few hours before bed, time to read or work on your new project? Remember 72 hours ago this was going to be the year you got organized. Are feeling up to cleaning out a closet?

I’m not writing today to discourage you. Today be encouraged that you have some outstanding plans for the year. Your goals are set. Now, take a few minutes to add them to your schedule. Taking a class? Where does that fit. Go ahead mark out the time you need to do the things you want to do. You are still on track to be in the eight percent. A little reality check and planning will help you succeed. You’ve got 168 hours in the week — budget them to ensure priorities are met and goals are accomplished.


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1 thought on “Today is When it Starts to Count

  1. This is when it gets tough but I hope personal written commitments as well as accountability partners help us through the temptation times!



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